Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Cousins in the Bond

It's been a busy week, being on Fall Break will do that to you.  But it's been a lot of fun.  We've had a very Butler Alumni week.  First my friend Colleen was visiting from Ireland.  She was my sorority Mom in Delta Delta Delta.  She has two little sweetgirls, and her youngest is just a week younger than Jacob.  

Colleen gets her Jakers cuddles. 

Her little Maeve wasn't so little, her long legs were nearly hanging out of the bouncy seat.  Though she probably weighed just as much as Jake, she was a lot longer lady. It entertains me to see other children that make Jake look dainty.  Around here, he's the biggest beastie boy.  

Emer is 2 1/2 and she wanted to play groceries.  She and Sam bounced back and forth between getting along and not.  Mostly they got along.  

Both have recently become big siblings, and I think they bonded a bit over that.  That, and well, they both have had some trouble with that.  

One last picture of me and my Delta gals!  

On Monday morning, I got to host the BAM girls over.  It's kind of fun finally feeling well enough to have my friends over.  Our Butler band babies got to play a bit.  Jake and Meghan are only about a week apart, and as they grow the differences get smaller and smaller.  

Because our group came over during Chris's fall break, it was the first time that Chris got to meet Baby John, and Baby Meghan.  He thought both babies were quite enchanting.  He loves little kids.  

Chris got to play with Max, while we girls got to talk.  And it was Good. 

I even got to finish a yarn project - sort of.  Nancy's MIL had made a pumpkin hat, but not had time to do the greens.  And it just so happened, I was making a pumpkin hat right then, and had a bunch of finished greens - so Bam! we put the two together, and then little Meghan got to be a princess pumpkin too!  

Just like my handsome boy, sporting his fall festivewear.