Sunday, October 27, 2013

To ZooBoo

This year, we decided to get down a little early and run all three boys down to the Zoo for Zooboo yesterday before the 2 o'clock rush kicked in.  My theory was to get there early, and if Jake and I needed to skip out to nap. 

We had lunch before hitting the road, resulting in some very happy sweetboys.
We just didn't take the COLD into consideration.  Such that as soon as we arrived, all the boys started smack talking about the cold. Jacob was the only one I had been prepared for.  He was Superman, so I grabbed the Superman blanket, and his hat.

So when Sam started complaining about being cold, first I put Jake's pumpkin hat on him.  That didn'twork so well.  His head is too big. 

Initially, The Flash didn't want to keep still. 
Running + Red Gloves = one happy boy! 

My hat and gloves made Sam warm and happy, so that he started running around too, joining the Flash.   Eric and I were laughing so hard, because he was just hysterical.  But Eric had it right when he said, "What's really funny, is that the pink gloves are not the funniest thing about this picture. "

But here are my sweet three Superheroes all at the Zooboo. 

It was quite cold that day, so we went into The Oceans exhibit to warm up.  
Green Lantern and The Flash had fun checking out the fishies. 

Green Lantern loved finding the Green Moray Eel!

My little superheroes had fun seeing sea lion swim by. 

And the Polar Bear was out and about too.

Of course he was happy, it was 40 degrees outside, ideal polar bear weather, yes, he was pretty happy. 

We went around to the top viewing area, to see him walking around.  

Before the boys made it up the hill, I got an extra special view.  The polar bear pooping. Bet you didn't know he was trained enough to dump over the edge of the viewing area.  I found this hysterical - Eric didn't, and luckily the boys didn't notice either, or we would have been living with polar bear poop jokes for ages.  

After the Oceans, Jake started to lose his mind a bit. He was getting tired, so we decided to head home.  We'd taken two cars just in case this happened.  But on our path to splitting up, we found a few nifty 'garden' items.  First I found these pretty flowers, I think it's a double cosmo, but I'm not sure. Some other garden items we found, were more of the Halloween Festivity variety. 

My sweet boys found a field of minions.

And a Giant spider.
Eric thought it needed some roller skates. ;)

I love how wary Sam was of the spider.  It was cute the way he watched it, yet went up anyway, trusting Chris and checking with big brother to make sure it was ok.

It was shortly thereafter that Jake and I hit the road.  

Fear of Spiders - Yes.  But No Fear of giant tigers.  
They are so much braver than I am, you won't catch me with my face right up next to the glass. 
But they go right up there.  So after Jake and I left, the boys visited the tigers and the lions and trick-or-treated with Daddy at the Zooboo festivities.  They came home with a nice haul, and once again, the people were nice enough to give Sam the chance to pick the greener candies.  Green things for Green Lantern.  

I mean, come on, look at the size of those feet?!  
That kitty wants some Sweetboy snacks!

Boyz - I don't think putting on the masks is going to save you from the giant tiger. 
But it sure made the day a fun one!