Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy trees

Did you know the reason redwoods only thrive in that small area of northern California?  It's because of the fog.  This warm fog comes through and the drippage from it waters the trees.  Unfortunately, with our development of the land, not only are there less trees, but less fog.  We went to Muir woods in 2001, before we moved from California, and Eric and I almost bought a little redwood seedling, but we realized Indiana isn't moist enough.  Anyway, about 60 years ago, they discovered the Dawn Redwood in China.  It's a  cousin to the giant redwoods of California, so it grows big and tall, but it drops its needles.  And it doesn't require the special fog!  I literally came across one at our local art museum, and thought, what's a Redwood doing in Indiana.  I googled it, learned it was a Dawn Redwood, and ended up buying one for Eric for his birthday for the new house, the year we moved in.

So this is our Dawn Redwood 2 years later.  As the needles are beginning to turn colors for fall.

And it's a Foggy Day.  
That has got to make redwoods everywhere happy. 

The rain and the fog literally condensed on the needles of the redwood.  

One of my favorites.  

Then I realized that there were some spider webs caught up in the branches. I hadn't gotten a chance to get out here and take a good look.  I love the way the web moves, but the droplets are on the branches. 

More webs and branches in the fog.  

Then I had to hit the road, do a bit of shopping.  It was a Costco kind of day since Sam just started doing attending another class at school.  But nature's beauty didn't stop at my front door.  As I circled around behind Eagle Creek Park, the trees just jumped out at me with their Gorgeousness! 

This was my favorite, the golds, the greens, the Awesome.  

The road into Eagle Creek Park was just as lovely as I was coming home to get Sam from school. 

Still Foggy, hours later. 

During 'naptime' I went back outside.  The fog had lifted, but it was Still Gorgeous. 

The raindrops still clung to the needles of the Dawn Redwood. 

I even captured a little bit of our house in the background.

But this was my favorite. 

OK, OK, the last 'nature' shot - the pumpkins on our porch, all set and ready for the Holiday to begin!