Saturday, October 26, 2013

For Jimmy Dean

Another one of Eric's cousins is expecting.  Travis and his wife Kelli are expecting! Last year at this same time we were celebrating Tula Mae, and now we get to celebrate the impending birth, this year, it's going to be boys and more boys!

Doesn't she just look fabulous?  
She's planning on working right up to the end, she's the middle school choir director for Lebanon middle school.  Brave brave soul.  Just kidding, those kids are really lucky!  
They announced his room theme is going to be all Charlie Brown stuff, and so cute.  And his name will be James Dean Willman.  Eric's uncle is Dean, not sure if James is in the family or not, or just because James Dean is Cool.  I remember at Eric's other grandpa's funeral this past summer, someone telling me that the original James Dean used to hang out at the car garage where Grandpa Chambers worked.  Everybody called Grandpa Red for his red hair, or Red Rover.  Anyway, he was really cool.  And apparently  even James Dean wished he was that cool, he'd come and just hang out in the garage.  Grandpa called him a 'hanger', like he wasn't quite good enough to actually fix cars, or drive them, he'd just hang out.  I loved it, loved it that Grandpa was cooler than James Dean, and he was pretty cool.  It struck me that this was a signf from above, like Grandpa was saying, no worries, this baby will be just as cool. 

Her sisters-in-law (the Aunts-to-be) went buck wild creating the perfect shower. 
There were a lot of laughs, and lots of loving, and it did my heart good.  It always does to see when a baby is going to be so loved, and we actually did all hold hands and pray for them too, and it was just very cool. 

Jake and I made an appearance.  And Jake wanted to play with Aunt Betty while Mommy tried to work the quizzes.  These games mess with my swiss cheese mind, so Aunt Betty, Mom, and I teamed up, and 'I' won.  I won some cute sunflower picture holders.  I never win things, so this pretty much made my day.    

Well, and this.  Seeing how excited Kelli was when she opened my present, the blanket I made (with a little cap) for the baby.  It's just like Jacob's, so I know it will be a big hit.  Jake Tested - Jake Approved! 

Cousin Heather arrived just in time to get her snuggles in before Jake lost his mind.  He screamed all the way out, and Heather's little one Lily tried to calm him, and follow him, and she even snuck outside with us.  She wanted to come home with him, screaming and all.  He did finally  fall asleep in the parking lot.  But for a while he was happy with his silver O-rings.  And something else I realized, the 3-6 month onesie he was wearing that said Little Pumpkin, doesn't fit him any more.  It's not making it to Halloween.  Something else to remind Kelli, these babies just grow too fast!