Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lighting the Night

Last Saturday evening was an event near and dear to our heart.  
Our niece Kaylee has been doing everything she can to bring attention to others like her with blood diseases like leukemia and lymphoma, and this fall she wanted to do the Light The Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  So she did, fundraising and all, and raised over 2000$! After the early day's activities, Sam and Jake woke up from naps in bad moods and snoochy.  So we all just stayed home, but I sent Chris and Eric in our stead. 
*All these race pictures were taken by Eric*

What a showing of support!  There was a sea of people there to support, Eric said the lights went as far as he could see.  Obviously, he's not a photographer, and it's hard to capture lights when they are waving in the dark.  All the kids were given balloons, red ones for Loving someone with a blood disease, and kaylee got a white one for being a Fighter.  

It didn't take long for them to figure out that if the balloon popped there was still a fun little light up blinkie toy to play with . :) Team Kaylee had some fun! 

Meanwhile, Sam and I stayed home and watched youtube videos from Singing In the Rain.  
He had been imitating me singing Moses Supposes for weeks.  One day this past week, he just came up with it out of the blue, just singing, or blabbering something or other.  So I sat down with him and watched Gene Kelly and Donald O'Conner do Moses Supposes.  

I think we watched this 5 times and he was doing along with.  
But when I stopped the show, he got a little confused. 

I love how he says "erroneously".   I can't even imitate it. 

So of course, the next day, we just HAD to watch the entire movie, you know.  
And surprisingly we don't have it on DVD, so we broke out the VHS.  

Old School and So Cool. 

All 5 of us were parked on the 2 seater couch giggling madly.  
I think this is the first movie that wasn't a cartoon that all of us watched.  
And that makes me happy.  

What was really awesome was when we got the Singing in the Rain number, Christopher just hopped up and started to dance.  That kid has such a song in his heart.  And he wants to dance  I need to get him into theatre, and dance, and maybe musical theatre.  He loves it just like I always did.  I wish I'd done it more as a kid.  

Might be also time to restart the kitchen shows like Lisa and I used to do, singing into beaters and all.
Old Times = Good Times.