Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picnic Lunch


Christopher had a Riley appointment on Wednesday, just therapy, but still the stress of them frazzles me. Though I'm not the only one. So I had packed a lunch for us, just in case Chris was hungry when we left, then instead of taking him to school in time for lunch there, we could have lunch together. We opted to go to the Zoo and White River Gardens for our picnic lunch.

The hyacinths and daffodils were in bloom!

We also got to see a few ducks.

Tell me you find the three ducks by the three duck statues as funny as I did. So did the boys. ;)

Sweetboys in the gardens. :)

I think I try every year to get a family picture of the us. Sometimes I have good luck, and sometimes not.

This one looks familiar. ;)

2 crazy picnic boys on the steps.

They decided they needed "Recess".

For a bit they ran around the 'shady garden' which isn't really that shady when the trees don't have leaves on them.

They didn't care.

They were having a wonderful time climbing up and down the small cement walls.

They weren't so much with letting me take tons of flower pictures, but they let me get a few ones. Honestly, my favorite things in this world to photograph are Sweetboys and Flowers. Combining the two brings me Great Joy.

My Favorite: