Friday, March 30, 2012

My baby is 3


Apparently this is the year of the Monkey, because my little monkeys woke up in a phenomenal mood on Sam's birthday. They were literally swinging from the rafters. It was hysterical.

Sam was pretty content staying home all day, he wanted to do two things for his birthday: Go to Chuck E. Cheese's and Watch Octonauts. Octonauts is his newest favorite show, and he watches a lot of it, but he watched it all morning, until he blew out his diaper, wherein he earned himself a bath.

After naps and brother coming home, the whole family headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Christopher was so worried we'd leave without him, but we didn't, and everyone had a wonderful time.

It's strange, like a switch suddenly went on. Sam turns three, and he becomes instantly capable of playing by himself. It was the most relaxing that a Chuck E. Cheese trip has ever been. I'll probably jinx future trips by saying so, but both my boys just had a genuine good time, celebrating with each other.

I am just so Blessed.