Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boys Bake

A Little Before:

Tis the season of Crazy around here. So much to be done, so little time, and with the stress of the last couple weeks, I was about to loose my mind. So my sweet husband took the yahoos to get their haircuts on Friday night, (they were desperate for it, look at all that hair - Sam had Curls!) and then he let me go to the grocery store. All. By. Myself!

And I had an entire hour in my house - Alone. I got caught up on my Words with Friends. I had fallen terribly behind, being that the only quiet time I got was at 10 o'clock when my mind is only capable of blithering, and not making words larger than 2 letters. Not that I haven't enjoyed all our quality time. It has actually been weirdly nice to have been sick, and blocking out all of the outside world. I just wish we were all healthy enough to enjoy it. Taking a week off for surgeries and sinus infections, doesn't exactly equal a spring vacation. However, as our collective health improves, we venture forth. Eric venturing out to cut boys hair, and I venture to go shopping, for birthday supplies and things for my sweet Sam turns 3 on the 26th. But his 3rd birthday party was Saturday the 24th.

And for that, we needed to make a cake. When everyone returned home, the boys chose, instead of a traditional family movie night, they chose to make a cake instead. Sam chose Black Cake for his birthday cake. So I let him help.

Turns out my sweetboys actually LOVE to help me cook. :)


And the After: