Saturday, March 10, 2012

How I've spent my day


The sun is going down lighting up all the windows in the house, and this day is a crazy blur. It started yesterday, I woke up to the sound of the school bus outside my door. I was halfway outside waving to Chris before I realized how sore I was, and my throat was getting annoyingly sore again. How rude. So I started a pot of tea. Tea is the answer to everything when you have a sore throat, right? Right. I drank the whole thing in the next 2 hours. I went to bed at a reasonable hour, but couldn't sleep, I'd started the humidifier in the boys' room, and Chris woke a couple times saying the Music was funny, but it wasn't the music, as I found out this morning, it was the "humanifier". I got chills and hot in the middle of the night.
I suspected the strep was/is coming back. I took my temp upon waking, 99.5. Why is it that you feel most like ass at 99.5? I would gladly trade the ignorant bliss of a nice high fever for the achy pain and crap feeling. I can't even pinpoint the pain. I think the first digit of my pinky fingers is the only place that doesn't hurt right now.
But I postponed drugging up, for a while anyway, in my mind, if I was going to the doctor, I want to be symptomatic. Maybe I do get stupid at 99. Eric has been wonderful. He took the boys to a church meeting this morning, and they were good, only upending the entire nursery. Then he took them to Emily's birthday party. I think that's what makes me saddest of all, that I can't go to her party. As an honorary family member, we've gone to every one. I take pictures. It's my job.
But today, the only pictures I'm taking are from the view of my couch, as I snuggle up with my bitty boxer and polish off a second pot of tea of the day.
I did start new drugs. So I started them today, hopefully it will knock out the remaining cooties that last weeks Omnicef didn't kill. Dr. Z called me in a Z-pack. That just sounds funny, I guess that's part of the punchy side of getting sick again. I'm really sick and tired of being sick and tired. Didn't we JUST do this last week? Why yes, yes we did. OK, enough pity partying, it's been 10 whole minutes, time for more tea and Grey's Anatomy.