Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting ready


Hello Daylight Savings Time. Not sure I like you yet or not. I like it being light out at 7, but not in the summer when it's light out at 10. We flipped the clocks forward this morning which felt great as Chris slept in until the new 8:30. He said he was sick, too tired to stay for church this morning, willing to go home and take a nap. That was a sign, he Must be sick. Alas, once home, he had no interest in sleeping. And avoiding naps is a healthy sign for him. So I have no idea if he is sick or not. Though I am feeling better, I went so far as to bathe and get dressed today. Woohoo! Don't you love being able to take a hot shower after being sick, and it's like the Best Shower Ever. This was one of those, top 10 maybe, the top places are the showers after I come home from the hospital. Now THAT'S a great time to take a hot shower! Consequently, we're mostly mousy over here today, we didn't do much. I did make it outside to take this:

Anyway, the weather is signaling spring. Things are a changing. And this pic is the couple flowers out front, tulips I'm fairly sure, that I snapped a few weeks ago as my cover pic. They are growing. They're getting ready. So am I.


Suellen said...

Oh! I love it in the summer when it's light out at 10!!!! It make me feel like I'm getting my day's worth of summer time!

Cathy Willman said...

I know. I personally don't mind it. Unless I'm trying to go to a Drive In movie that doesn't start until 10. OR, and most importantly my child starts arguing with me, It's still light out, I shouldn't have to go to bed. Yes you do!