Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fam Playday


Today was a Crazy day. Chris had a slumber party, and a birthday party, so we were more than relieved when Mom and Dad (and Aunt Teri) offered to bring pizza over for dinner as well as drop off some 'goodies' from Grandma Willman's silver collection.

This was our haul. Quite amazing, and it will be Gorgeous when it's all cleaned up. I must confess, those candlesticks were absolutely hysterical when I unpacked them after splitting a bottle of wine with Aunt Teri. It's hard to tell, but the two platters are really Warped. We weren't sure it was the heat of storage, or too much wine.

But there was so much laughter, there were tears. I love that.

As a chaser to our dinner, Mom wanted to go for a walk. So the kids drove and escorted us around.

A stitch and a half.

Don't trust this driver to get you to Orange Leaf. Better to leave the driving to the grownups. ;)

It was Mom, Dad, and Aunt Teri's first trip to Orange Leaf! It was a hopping place on a Saturday night, so initially we had to all sit outside until seating opened up inside. At least we all had our jackets, from our walk. It was a great time. A great ending to the month, and a great start to our Spring Break. So Yummy, So Yummy!