Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sharing the Music Share


Thursday was Christopher's First Music Program, "Wild about Animals" a Music Share Night. And he was a crocodile, he was so proud of his mask.

I thought you'd all enjoy some of the festive songs and pictures from that evening. First they got to sit in the audience with us and play on hand drums, and sing along.

Then they moved to the gym floor, where they demonstrated some of the activities, songs and whatnot they do during class. I loved that they got to run around a bit. And ham it up a bit too.

Christopher learns so much better when there is some physical movement associated, like an exercise break before and after reading, or counting on hands, or hand motions to a song. This was right up his alley. I love his teacher!

They learned about Saint Saens and his piece The Carnival of Animals, and danced as Kangaroos for it. Brilliant.

The last song about a Little Frog in a bog. I love his cute little hops.

He makes me so Proud. He's my little Rock Star!