Friday, March 30, 2012

The one where Daddy overdoes it

We had this tree. Or bush. Or weed. Something. In the backyard that was growing crazy wild in three different directions.

To demonstrate, the above picture is from December, with Sam gazingly longingly into the snow. See that whacked out tripod tree/bush/weed thing in the background? Yeah.

It had to go.

So for some reason, Eric gets a little boost of energy on Sunday, and before mowing the lawn, goes around to pick up sticks. This is now a problem we have, now that we live on a lot with roughly 40 trees in the backyard. Er...39.

Eric took it upon himself to cut the whacky weed down on Sunday.


It's like a whole new backyard, it'll be FABULOUS when we get the stumps out of there.

However, he doesn't have his full stamina back. He was absolutely exhausted just in time for us to leave to go to Money Class, aka the Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) class that Ryan is teaching - Teaching the entire Willman clan and a couple other people. It's awesomely motivating and interesting. We were all powerless to argue when the Fam wanted to go out for Tenderloins at Grindstone Charley's after. And by gum, the kids were being really cute.

Chris and Sam were oogling over the girl's Nintendo dsi games.

At one point, Christopher points to Lexi's and says, "Alexis, December 21st is my birthday and I will be 7. I want you to bring me one of those." Uh huh.

Then later, while Sam was contentedly eating his macaroni, Chris and Uncle Ryan were playing, making faces at each other, and after a while of giggling, Christopher gets exasperated, turns to Daddy says, "Your silly brother is doing everything that I do. Just like Sam."

Eric says, "Yeah, little brothers are like that."

The elder Willman boys laughed so hard there were tears. Sometimes it's easy to forget Eric was the big brother, and Ryan was the little. They must have been so much fun they were when they were little. As exhausted as we were not getting the kids to sleep until 10, it was worth it. We had a great day, a great night, one where we hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. I'm really enjoying this class, in spite of the financial stress, but enjoying all the family time even more. And now that Eric is recovering from his surgery, even not operating on full blast, confessing that he'd overdone it, it still was one our most productive days in a while.