Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poor Pitiful Pooch


I have mentioned here, that Fina is not doing well. She has cancer, and her cocktail has been getting less effective. The last two weeks we couldn't get refills before running out of drugs, so she ran out. Off the antibiotic, her feet got stinky. Off the narcotic last weekend, she just made us crazy. She was following us, ants in her pants, just crazy. We finally called Dan for more drugs. Her cocktail is now back to working again, she's just getting a little edgy in the mornings and evenings. She chews her toes, making all kinds of slurpy noises, and making that front paw look even worse. I even resorted to trying to make her wear a sock. Yeah, that lasted 5 minutes. She looked pitiful, and slipped and slid on that one foot, wiggled until it was way down, or as soon as she hit the carpet, the sock would slip right off.

So today we upped her Tramadal, the narcotic to three times a day. Then twice a day, she gets Keflex, the antibiotic to prevent her feet from getting septic, Zyrtec an antihistamine to reduce the amount of histamine released by the oozy tumors, and Prednisone, to reduce swelling and make her just Feel Fabulous. And hungry. And annoying. And in our faces whenever we eat, because clearly Cancer Boxers who are literally wasting away NEED our dinner when we're not even done with it. Or God Forbid we don't go running to put bits in her bowl, and we sit around the table and talk. And she has to go to the bathroom all the time, sometimes she doesn't make it to the door. Can't blame her, my bowels would be bonkers too if I'd been on hearty antibiotics for a month. I can't tell you how many times I've yelled, "If you weren't already dying, I'd kill you." Only slightly joking. Yet sometimes I think she just floods the floor with pee to let us know she's angry at us for ignoring her, because she does at the most inopportune times, like as we're readying to leave on a school morning, or right before company is due to arrive.
She's kind of crazy, making us crazy. But not so crazy we're ready to let her go yet. It's just Tough. How much is annoying, and how much is pitiful? It's a fine line. And it feels like it's that one more thing that I'm not handling well right now. It's been really hard. Pray for all of us through the next few weeks.