Monday, October 24, 2011

Wild trip to New York, Day 1

It was a wild whirlwind trip to western New York last week. The occasion was terrible, but we tried to make the best of it. We put all the kids in the back of the minivan. We were outcrazied by kids 4 to 3. But at least they were Cute.

It rained. The whole first day. The whole way there actually. But once we got into the hills of northern Ohio, it got really pretty. Even in the pouring rain. (Though it's hard to take many pictures while I'm driving.)

We stopped at a nice rest stop in Ohio, and the kids were antsy as all get out. Do you realize how hard it is to let kids run wild in the pouring rain and mud in a rest stop? It is. Was. So we improvised. We took over the (very nice enclosed) vending machine area, and let the kids run it out.

Luckily, they are so Cute. People came in, and instead of finding the kids obnoxious and rude, they would all smile. I guess the Cuteness in exponential numbers far outweighed the annoying.

So we let them Run. And run they did!
All shots were action shots. Because they needed to expel some energy. They did really well until we got just past Cleveland. We wanted to get to Erie to the water park, but that just didn't happen. To let them vent some energy, we stopped at a Chick Fil-A, and let them play in Mentor. Then we found a nice hotel with a suite that would fit all of us just off the highway. So stop one in the hotel was to take all the yahoos for a swim.

And they loved it.

All four kids had a wonderful time in the water. It was just the stress relief we needed.

We love being taken over by sweetboys and sweetgirls!