Thursday, October 27, 2011

Garden Walk

Yesterday I got outside for what will probably be my last Garden walk of the season.

Tell you what, I love our new backyard. We have Trees! Trees I love. And it's GORGEOUS!

How cool is that?! There were ladybugs crawling on our pillars. The Halloween kind, scrambling up and down, hard to chase the little guys, they move fast.

Then to kick it up a notch, the sun came out!

One of the blogs I stalk was having a Colors of Autumn photo contest, the theme was orange. I didn't think I was going to have any luck, so much rain and blech on our road trip last week, but the last couple days, our luck improved.

Just in time to be too late for the contest. But now I have some autum glow to enjoy as the rainy days kick back in again.


Yasher said...

Beautiful shots! I love the ladybug! We've seen a few around here. I never considered them an autumn bug, but they must be. Glad you're loving your new digs! :)