Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Fire

Today was a really neat day. Though I was still feeling a little crummy, we got to have some of my college sorority sisters over to the new house to visit. Eric cooked out, and he had picked up a new fire pit, the little kind you can move around. It was so Cute, but it was even better that all my old Sisters brought their kids. The boys ran wild. My sorority Mom Colleen lives in Ireland, and had a baby in May. In Europe they are awesome with maternity leave, and she's not going back until next year! So while she was in town visiting with her family, we invited a bunch of local Tri-Delts over for dinner.

It was the new house, not everything fixed or put away, but there was good food and good company. A couple gals came by that I hadn't seen in Years! It was great. Even though the house was a mess, and I couldn't do any cooking, or standing for more than a few minutes. I did managed to help gloss the floors today, but then I had to lay down. Only made it about halfway through the church service this morning. This vertigo thing is for the birds. We gals sat talking, and the boys stoked the fire outside. Eric had picked up a good deal on a fire pit, and he and the menfolk stoked the fire, and cooked meat on the grill, and did terribly manly manful things, while boys played all over the yard and driveway, and we girls got to catch up. It was such a wonderful opportunity to Just Be together. No one cared that there were boxes in every corner. That's something I've been learning, though difficult. True friends don't care if you have boxes of crap all over the place.