Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend of Play

Last weekend, we had visitors. Our friend Amy brought her family down for a productive visit. First we had a park date, then Game Night at

The kids ran wild, having a super fabulously wonderful time. Eric took pics on his phone, of the pre-party park playdate, since the point-n-shoots battery needed to be recharged. But now we couldn't access them. Sam wiped out on the playground equipment, and by the next day had a fabulous bruise. But on Saturday night, they were enjoying the last bits of Indian Summer, playing outside with friends. Can you see my boys in their matching light blue Superman ensembles?

Yeah, Chris gives his Shaylee a little 'How you doin'?'. They have missed each other fiercely.

And another super bonus, a game night where (Gasp!) GAMES were Actually Played! The boys played a game of Apples to Apples. And then after their first round, the fathers of the more rambunctious children (like mine) were tagged out so that the wives could play a game too.

It was Quite a good system, tag teaming for games. The kids were happy, they were playing. The Daddies were happy, they were playing. And even the Mamas were happy, they got to play too. All in all a very successful evening.

The next day was even more fabulous (for me anyway). Amy and Ben had a few things left in their old house; a sleeper sofa, a futon, a desk, and they wanted them OUT. Hey, Free to a good home over here! So the musclemen (and Andrea and Amy) brought them over. Then the Meyaard Pfanschmidts got to hang out a little bit while we cooked out burgers and dogs on the grill.

I do love my porch. Really, parking myself on the porch, I can see the kids play in the front, or in the driveway, and they were all having a fabulous time. Baby Liam is now a boy on the go, hardly walking, he wants to run, and he loved bebopping around our place. The bigger kids ran pretty wild too.

The kids loved finding sticks. Here's the difference between boys and girls: Chris takes the stick and wants to use it as a sword or saber. Bryn takes a big stick, and goes around making a leaf kabob for her leaf collection. So Cute. We did talk her into 'planting' her leaf kabob in our yard to come visit another time.

Chris even let his friend play with his toys, we had car races in the driveway.

The most adorable was when Chris let Bryn drive. She was a pretty safe driver too. Good Job Chris on being a sharing friend!

It was a lot of fun to share our home, and our lovely fall day with Friends. I miss them, wish it wasn't every couple of months that we got to play. We'll do it soon again though.