Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wild trip to New York, Day 2

Thursday was another drab and dreary travel day for us. It seemed appropriate though. However, even in the sad icky weather, it was still pretty. I don't think I'd ever seen the grape vines in the fall. They were really beautiful. Though it's hard to capture while driving. I tell you we certainly wanted to stop at many of the wineries we passed.

But we had plenty of whine in the car. The second day we broke out the DVD player the Julius's loaned us, much much earlier. The kids were a little crazy. We got to the hotel just in time to change and go to the Viewing at the Funeral Home. The girls were not up for it, so we split up, and we took the boys for a quick stop. It was nice to say hi to family members we hadn't seen in years. But our little distractions made conversations difficult. At one point, Sam darted under the chairs in rows that people were sitting in, and I had to go up to introduce myself to someone I'd never met, a cousin of my uncle I think....somebody's nephews uncles former roommate. just to pull Sam out from under her chair. She hadn't noticed he was there. Luckily, she had a good sense of humor.

But the kids weren't in to good behavior. They were a little on the crazy side. 10 seconds before this pic, these three were walking towards the window in the hotel, and we were trying to get them downstairs. It worked. Slowly. Lisa opted to do a drive by visit. We would all pack the yahoos in the car, drop off Lisa a the viewing, and circle around a bit while she mingled. She got there just in time for the Prayers. And we circled around North Tonawanda.

We discovered that on Oliver Street they have a bunch of carousel horses lining the street. Kind of neat.

After the viewing, we took stressed out selves to Ted's. They have the Best hot dogs, even the boys ate them. We ate quite well. Something about drowning our sorrows in good food distracted us enough. And when the kids were equally distracting, it was better. I love this place, and it saddens me so much that Grandma isn't going to be the center of our trips there anymore.