Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Most Surreal

Want to hear something funny? I've taken up running. Yeah. Me. Want to hear something else, I've inspired 2 of my friends to join me. Today my friend Kathleen started her own Couch 2 5K program.

Somehow I'm her 'Trainer'. Isn't that the most surreal thing ever? Me, great big fat girl, is now training, coaching, and helping someone learn to run. It's so weird. And hey, I'm not even done with the program, I've hit a speed bump at week 5. Many illnesses have caused my own training to slow down. But starting up with Kathleen has pumped me up again. Here's the really cool thing, she and I are plotting Running our first 5K. In DisneyWorld. Eric's going to do the Goofy Challenge, and she and I are going to do the 5K. And we're getting excited about it. Just the vision of she and I running under the Epcot ball. That's going to be my goal picture in my head for a while. This is a goal I can get behind. And if I'm behind it wholeheartedly, I can pass on the joy.

We found a 2011 penny near where we parked our car for our first run today. We're taking that as a Very Good Sign. Wish us Luck!