Friday, January 28, 2011

Mass Hysteria at the Children's Museum

Yesterday the boys and I hit the Children's Museum with 5 other moms and their kids. All totaled there were 6 moms and 15 kids. Yipes.
But it was all Butler Band friends and Band Babies, some we hadn't seen in a While, and that made it all good.

1. Chris griped the whole morning about wanting to see the Dinosaurs. So when we arrived he and his friend Emily got dressed up as Dinosaurs (note sign right behind him that suggests Pretend to Be a Dinosaur) and got serious about nest guarding.

2. ROAR!!! is Dinosaur for I Love You.

3. Chris and Emily quite proud of themselves, not for completing the puzzle, no, but for finding it already done.

4. Sam Digs dinosaurs too.

5. Sam meets some new little girlfriends, Katelyn and Adelyn. He gives them some pointers on how to be dainty and sweet.

6. The Kids Table. Yes the "Big Kids" had their own table. Thank Goodness. And Chris ate!

7. Of course my boys have to stop at the Barbie office first. Sam's favorite part was the phone!

8. Sam and Sarah walking down the runway...hysterical to the "I'm a Barbie Girl" song playing in the background.

9. Chris Mat - Newest Fashion Photographer

10. Yes, my boys are Real Boys. They play Barbies. Though Chris made a point to tell us "I'm Ten. (I'm Ken.)"

Of course there was lots more Cuteness, but my camera battery died. Snarf.