Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Visit to the Eiteljorg

One of the boys new favorite places is the Eiteljorg Museum, or the Cowboys and Indians museum as we've been calling it. They love it, and so do I. Plus it's just about the only kid friendly museum in town open on Mondays, which is one of our days off.

We went there yesterday with a few friends, and had a great time. Here's a Top Ten list of some of my favorite pictures.

1. Sam checks out some of the art with Emelie...and Likes it!

2. A Sculpture study - This was neat for the preschoolers to identify elements within the wooden sculpture like: the fox, swimming fish, a person's hand and a smiling baby.

3. Totem Time - Emilie helps the bigger kids build a Totem pole and lift it up.

4. Shay-erella - My boys clean up the model sod house while poor pouty Shay sits in the fireplace.

5. A Dulcimer Duet - The boys give us a dulcimer concert, I love their love of Music.

6. Giddy'up - The boys get Back in the Saddle.

7. Stagecoach Sam - Sam plays a mean game of Peek-a-boo from the old Stagecoach.

8. Chinese Storeowners - Chris and Bryn get all dolled up in their Chinese silks and pretend to be drug store owners from the 1870s in South Dakota. Chris tries figuring out the abacus, which I think he just liked for the noise it made, and Bryn is selling her 'fresh' (and by that I mean Plastic) vegetables. ;)

9. Big Fish - Emilie catches a couple boys by the Big Fish.

10. Baby Liam - We can't call him that for much longer as he approaches his big birthday soon, but he makes a very good pitiful poor teething baby face, and I just love this picture of him.


Carrie said...

Thanks for posting! We are thinking about going tomorrow for Kaya day, and it does look like there is a lot for the kiddos :)