Thursday, January 20, 2011

HVAC progress with a side of pretty pipe

I hate HVAC. Hate it.

Eric has been working on doing all the heating and air conditioning. All. By. Himself. I'm mad that he's been doing it all alone. I'm mad he's not done. He keeps running out of pieces, meaning he has to get them from Lowe's, or the original guy he ordered from, which takes a week, or from some other supplier. It's been Taking FOREVER. So Frustrating.
But at least we're making progress. Slowly...instead of being 80% done for a month and a half, we seem to be in the 90s. Eric has almost finished the Trunk Lines.

On the up side, "The Guys" started the plumbing last week using PVC pipe. This week they started the PEX tubing. I could be all knowledgeable and informed about PEX tubing, but I'm not. Let's just say it's better than copper pipe because it's plasticky and bendy.

And Pretty.

This is our Manifold. Our PEX plumbing home base. It has pretty little labels, that say EXACTLY where which tubes go where. No more having to run outside and turn off the plumbing in the event of some plumbing diaster, just simply run downstairs and turn off the switch.

This makes me happy.

Where the washer and dryer are going to go...looking almost homey, and Real.