Monday, January 17, 2011

Bright Big Window

My Dad gave me some suggestions considering the problems I had with our Christmas cards this year. He said, "When shooting the boys against a bright background, aim the camera at something back in the room, at the same distance, hold the shutter half-way down so the camera reads the low light, swing back around and shoot. Now the boys will be clear, although the snowy scene outside will be washed out.
Or click back to auto , get the flash to pop up then swing around to the bright background and use fill-flash to get both the boys and the scene."
This afternoon, as my back and hip were in blinding pain and Chris wouldn't let me sleep. Sam slept, and woke up 20 minutes after Chris finally surrendured. So I had Sam in a good mood, so I decided to play with him in front of the Back Window per Daddy's suggestions.

I started with the regular base mode, and worked with the flash. I tried to put Sam off center as per an earlier suggestion, but Sam didn't want to be off center.

Once I got the timing down, it got a bit easier.

But Sam didn't want to be in the center, or off center. He wanted to be Behind the Camera. Or in it.

Hard to catch a moving Target.

So we moved to one who was a Bit more Obedient.

Too bad Fina was so nervous at Mommy telling her to sit by the window, she has this poor terrified pooch look. She usually is forced to sit there only when she comes inside with wet or dirty feet so she can be cleaned off. But she's still pretty cute.

There'll be more time for Practice another day, when I don't have shooting pain down my leg, and I'm a little less worried about getting Stuck on the floor. At least I have plenty of photogenic material around the house, my Inspiration!