Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The "Trains and Dress-Up" Museum

Yesterday I got shot down in my quest to start working out at a gym. The boys and I met my friend Emilie at the Connection Pointe gym, only to discover the promised child care was unavailable. I was quite disappointed. But we decided to redeem the day in a slightly different way of exercise, but pushing kids all over the Eiteljorg museum.

We took Emilie on our pass, played and had lunch at their cafe, which makes a mean soup, I tried the red pepper bisque, So Good, served up with a mighty fine cornbread.

This week is the last week of their 'Jingle Rails' exhibit, all trains built out of wood and stuff. They even had a model of the Eiteljorg museum, with its bronze deer statues out front. So Cool.

Sam agreed. It was so Cool!

Sam was the most enthusiastic about the trains, he'd point, wave, and yell something intelligible which I think was Train!

Chris was more interested in identifying letters on signs...and griping about how he wanted to move on.

Emilie (aka Big Obs) and the boys.

Chris couldn't wait to get downstairs and put on a red coat, so he could be a red cowboy and ride the stagecoach. There was another mom in there at the time, but once they left he wanted to be a bad guy, he has so much fun pretending.

Sam got to play the hammered dulcimer. Only a pro would know he's holding the hammer upside down though. ;)

Sam also had a great time on the Stagecoach.

Get along little doggies! Red-coat Chris tests a saddle.

Los charrerias. The boys play dress up with the costumes of the Mexican equestrians, or Mexican cowboys. I just call them Los hermanos de Bling (The Brothers of Bling).