Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I drove today

Back in the day, when I first enrolled in Driver's Ed, I was nervous. Very nervous. My Mom had let me drive all of once, tootling through the Penney's parking lot late one Sunday evening, when it was all but empty. Anyway, I had studied the 'material' for Driver's Ed, and now came my big chance, the Driving Lesson. In a real car. A chevy something boxy. I was terrified. I got in the car, did just fine, drove around 1 square mile in Carmel, for 20 minutes. (It took me 10 just to get out of the parking lot you know) Then went home.

I had to take a nap.

I was EXHAUSTED when my mother came home from work. I hadn't turned any lights on, it was nearly dark, and I was Out Cold on the couch....unusual for me at the time. She was all appalled, "What's a matter with you?"

"I Drove Today."

She burst into hysterical laughter, and has never let me forget it. She thought I was So Funny, because here she was driving everywhere every day, and all I did was drive around town, a block maybe. But I had been such a tremendous bundle of nerves, I was pooped when all was said and done.

Sometimes though, I find that Driving trips can just be exhausting.

Back to the present, I've been pretty out of commission from driving for the last week. With this 'rocks in my ears off' problem I've been having the last week or so, I've been very apprehensive about driving. Actually, I only drove to Bob Evans last week, across town, and I regretted it. So I didn't drive anymore for the rest of the week. We cancelled our trip to go camping this weekend, because a. I could barely stomach a ride across town, I was NOT going to do well going 3 hours. b. If Sam let the trip only take 3 hours, and c. the Uncs had not gotten an electrical campsite, so they were going to do primitive camping....not me or the boys was going to do well with that.
My neck is getting better, back and neck pain I have been quite familiar with, so I am pretty good at coping. Really I forget that I have it until I try to do something like turn to hand something to a child in the back seat.
So, Eric did all the driving this weekend. We made it to the west side of town. We went to Chick Fil-A, and though I had some waves of queasiness, I didn't actually yak. Though that could be the magical properties of the Chick Fil-A peach milkshake also.
Today, I drove Chris to preschool. Daddy came too, but we drove separately, since Chris was going to be coming home, and Daddy was headed to work. We had an early lunch/brunch sort of thing, because it was the first day at St. Andrew's and it was an open house. Then we came home. Daddy didn't make it home in time to get us to Gymnastics, so I Drove to that too. THEN it was Mom's Night Out, a rare but wondrous opportunity to get out with some Mom Friends of mine, sans kids. Well, Eric and I made a deal. I get to go IF I took Sam, and he could take Chris to bell choir practice. Chris loves bell choir practice (or rather they love him). Anyway, I drove all over today. And although I'm not nearly debilitated as I was last week, I still have been having some waves of nausea. I find if I eat or drink upon destination arrival, that can help. It also may make me more nauseous, some things sit better than others...(ie chick fil-a milkshake sat very well).

Anyway, now I'm tired, really tired...because...
I drove today.