Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A connoisseur

Sometimes it pays to be a connoisseur, a collector of things. Me, I'm a collector of All Things. I have collections, piles, some would call it clutter.
Today, it was handy that I save everything. A saver of 'useless crap'.
Sam slept in until 8! Well, you can imagine when I got up at 7, I was feeling a little full, I'd last fed him at midnight. He'd been up a couple times, but I hadn't had to feed him, just give him loves and his music and he was good to go back to sleep.
Chris was all kinds of excited to help me get the pump set up, and I thought I was good to go. Nope.
Some Snafu, and the flap wasn't working, and a backflow problem led to milk in one of the tubes. No real way to get it out.

Here's where Super Saver saves the day!

I had all kinds of leftover pump supplies from when I pumped Chris, and you guessed it, a whole nother pump and tubing set.
How happy! Job done.
And super saver is a little less motivated to declutter. Which I had lofty goals of doing while Eric was goneb this week.
Oh well.