Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sounding like an idiot

Ha! I was on the news last night.
Yesterday we did the Ovarian Cancer walk, my mother in law and I.   She and I walked for Aunt Debbie and my Grandma before. It's a 5K, which is a goodly distance for us.

 This year, Grandma got shirts for the kids.  
Sam's didn't quite fit him, but it made a fine decoration for the stroller. 

Chris and Chris.
We found Grandma in the parking lot, and Chris had to tackle her.  

Grandma had a great time playing with the boys.  
Chris had fun playing and checking out all the sites.  
Sam loved the balloons best.  

We did ok on the 5K, much better than last year, when I was pregnant and sick, and had to pause frequently.  This time I made it all the way through.  While we were walking, my mother in law mentioned that she'd heard about a Bone Marrow Donation Registry for free that was going on at Kohl's.  So we looked it up, and found it was going on at the Southport Kohls down by my Dad. It made sense in my head since we were walking for Ovarian Cancer, that we'd continue our Good Deed Doing and try to Give Bone Marrow too.  It felt good to make a difference.  Good Health is a Blessing, and we wanted to share it.   After our run, we went over to the Kohls and registered to become blood donors. There was a local child diagnosed with leukemia who didn't have a match, and maybe some stranger could help. I kind of hope I can.  With my back issues, we weren't sure if I'll be a match.  And even though I hate surgery, I look at my eldest sweetboy, and I think, if he can put up with so much, I can deal with a little inconvenience.  While registering, there were folks there from the local tv station.   I sounded like an idiot. I was half distracted by Christopher, who was being adorable, but when it came to my interview

 Then we met my Dad and Stepmom for pizza at Pizzeria Uno.   We ate well, undoing all the good that we'd done, but the company was good.  I was exhausted, but my heart was full. 

Sam was extra sweet after all the day's adventures. 
He loves to eat my face.  
And I love to eat his. 

Our eyes almost match!  
What a cutie.  
It was a good day.