Friday, September 18, 2009

Telly Telly Tut

I have my husband to thank for getting that Sesame Street song, Telly Tut, stuck in my head.

Last night, Eric took me out for a date. To the Children's Museum. With no children!

The King Tut exhibit is in town, and they are running this thing, where they keep the museum open late for adults only! They are doing it next month too! Dinner and Cocktails available, it said! It sounded like the perfect date to me. Chris and I went to see the King Tut exhibit when it was in Chicago, but Eric couldn't go. And they didn't let me take the diaper bag or stroller in, in Chicago, so Chris made it through 2/3 before fully melting down, so I missed the grand finale, which was a CT scan of the sarcophagus. I was really hoping to catch it when it's here.

So Eric took me.

As we're pulling out of my friend Melissa's driveway, where we left the boys, he turns to me, "I've had the Telly Tut song stuck in my head all day."

Here's what I learned. When they say it will take an hour and a half, they aren't kidding. They said that it would take long, so Eric and I opted to not Eat or Drink first but to see the exhibit first instead. It was eerily cool being there without being swamped by little ones, without having to push or dodge strollers. So quiet, and peaceful. I couldn't help but giggle like I was doing something sneaky. By the time we got out they were cleaning up the nice buffet, and the staff was eating at the nice black cloth covered tables with tiny oil candles on them, located in that open space by the water clock. (I must confess I was bummed I didn't a chance to sample a Tut-tini.) It wasn't all King Tut either. A good half the exhibit was other pharoahs goodies besides King Tut's. It was neat! The gold jewelry was cool! It was Not the same exhibit that we saw in Chicago. Different stuff, including Tut's Solid Gold Sandals that he was buried in, and that picture that looks like it would be his life size sarcophagus that is all over town. Really it's from a jar the size of my forearm that used to hold his stomach. If you go and you are expecting to see some Mummy, you'll be disappointed. But if you go, and just want to see some cool Ancient Egyptian goodies, you'll enjoy!

I used to wish that if I could go back in time, I'd go see Mt. St. Helens explode, or to be there when Carter found Tut's tomb. I still really think that would be cool.