Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Air Force Marathon, Part 3, The Kids had fun too!

I didn't think I'd get to write about all the things we did this weekend all tonight. But apparently Sam thinks that because he got 2 2-hour naps today, he doesn't need to bother with sleep tonight. Leaving Mommy plenty of time to post her pictures of our trip to Dayton for Daddy's Run in the Air Force Marathon. :)

After we sent Daddy off on his Marathon, we had a little time to kill, so walked back through the planes. I asked Chris what he wanted to do, go see planes or go to the museum. He was so sad, he just wanted to find Daddy, but it was going to be a while. I told him he could Touch the planes if he wanted to, so 'see the planes' won. Actually, when we pulled up to the first one, he was scared, so I said Go Touch the wheel. He did.

Obviously the plane didn't move. Once he realized it was safe and easy, the rest of them got much easier to visit. He liked touching the engine on this one.

And a propeller on another old plane.

Even Sam was interested in a close up view of the planes. It was shortly after this that Sam conked out for a power nap, until rudely awakened by the F-16 Fly Overs.

Both boys parked briefly in the path down which the runners run toward the finish line, the arch at the end of the planes. Then Chris spotted the park. I got my chance before the runners started piling in, by the time we made it up to the park, the first of the 10K runners were coming in.

There was no talking him out of it. He wanted to play at the park, and it was so cute, it was all themed like Air Force things and there were picnic tables and a couple trees for some shade. First there was the rocket he could climb into. It even had 'controls' to play with inside.

And there was a rockin' helicopter. Some of the big kids would stand on the ends and bend it back and forth, Chris thought that was cool.

He enjoyed the Slide. I liked the Air Force Museum hangars in the background and being able to get a good view of the runners from every angle of the park!

But his favorite by far were the swings. At first I had to take care of Sam, and Chris wanted to badly to swing. He went over and pushed an empty swing he wanted to so badly. He talked other parents into pushing him while they were pushing their children. I pushed him a couple times. Even Sam was tickled later when I had to push Chris with one arm while holding Sam in the other. Every time I'd push Chris, Sam would Giggle! Then both of them would be laughing. It was beautiful.

He did get some good Swinging Time in.

But even a sweetboy can't be sweet forever. He finally got Timed Out for trying to escape from me, and running right to the playground, even climbing up the slide. After I told him he was in Time Out. He was only allowed to stay in the stroller on at the picnic table with me for the last 45 minutes. He made friends with a couple kids, coloring with them. This boy can make friends Anywhere! He did a good job trying to be sweet though.

Oh, and Chris got to meet the Nestle Bunny!