Monday, January 8, 2018



The Theme of the Photo of the Day is Light.  

This is my Desert Mist Diffuser. 
It was just released this past summer at Convention.  
And I bought it.  In June.
But I didn't bring it home until the end of October.  
I had sent my Convention articles to Mom, because there was some reason that the Insect Repellant couldn't be sent to Indiana.  So I had it sent to her in Florida, only it missed her leaving, because there were shipping delays.  Very Disappointing.  At least, it was safe with Aunt Teri, until we got back down there.  In October.  
I was so upset by this box, because it represented a summer's worth of failures to me, that I couldn't get it together to open it.  Until Christmas Break.  Sam wasn't feeling well, so I did some rearranging of Diffusers, and decided it was time to unpack this bad boy.  

It is Beautiful. 
The light can be bright and beautiful, or calming with an incandescent flicker, or any color in between.  In this case the light was Bright.  
And it was Good.  
I'd forgotten how nice it was.  This was the only light in the living room, not enough winter daylight to light the room.  So I am planning to use this pretty more often!