Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dumbo the Great

 It is our last day of Winter Break, and it was a Pajama day.  
The kids opted for jammie day, and I put a fresh round of jammies on, because my friend Kathy was coming over to work on our Challenge.  We're working our way through the entire list of Disney full length feature film cartoons.  We started with Snow White last fall, knocked out Pinocchio and Fantasia a while back, and on Thursday, we knocked out Dumbo.   

Dumbo isn't a very long movie.  
But that Baby Mine thing gets me every time. 

Did I mention that it's Freaking Freezing?  Still.   

So I broke out the yarn and snuggled up with my Jedi Snuggie.  
I've started a present for one of Eric's coworkers, she's having a baby girl.  I don't get to work girly baby blankets very often anymore. 

It was so cold, even Christopher broke out his yarn.  He's almost finished with his scarf.  I suspect he'll be wearing it sometime this winter. 

 I also warmed up today with my Challenge photo 


My photo was zoomed in, and focused more on what's in my hand.  It's a squirt of Relaxation Massage Oil, that is Yellow because of the orange and tangerine oils that are in it, and I squirted into a mitful of Epsom Salts.  It makes for a perfectly moisturizing bath.  Nice!