Thursday, January 25, 2018

#2 out of 20

It was a snowy and icy day.  When we told the boys to be careful, we meant it.  They literally skated, shuffling on icy shoes down the sidewalk.  For some reason though, even though it was a sheet of ice when we got up, the Schools didn't cancel.  Eric had noticed the Ice, on his morning run.  And thus he turned around, came in, and rode the bike.  But the boys had to skate to the Bus Stop.  Eric wrote in to work, and the crew decided to work from home until the sun was out.  Ha Ha.  There was no sun, there was just some light, so we can see that the roads were icy.  
Meanwhile, I thought he'd get all kinds of time to work, because I had Places to Be.  Jacob had to get to Preschool.  They were having a Puppet show at 10:30 come in to school, and Parents were Welcome.  And I had a Lunch Date.  So I didn't think we'd be able to play.  But my plans fell apart because of the ice after I dropped Jacob off at School.  The Puppeteers were coming from Westfield, and they weren't going to make it out here.  And my Lunch Date is from Greenwood, also not happening.  So, suddenly I find myself with my husband at home, and No Children.  

Keep it PG people.  

We decided to Do Lunch.  

We consulted the List, and chose one of our favorite hangouts to have a date. 


Once upon a time, I had a friend named Eric.  I thought he might like me, but he was dating another girl.  I had many friends, and a few family members tell me I should go out with him.  And he was Nice. Kind of Cute too.  Well, I needn't worry, he was dating another girl.  Then they broke up.  He sat me down on the steps of Ross Hall to tell me that he had broke up with this other girl.  Suddenly, my heart fluttered, and I was nervous.  Then he asked me out, he wanted to know if I'd like to go see Les Mis at the Matinee the following Sunday.  Uh, Yes Please! I'd always wanted to see Les Mis. And it would be even better to go with this nice guy!  So we had a date.  We were going to be crossing over to More Than Friends.  We had a Meeting.  We were joint Parliamentarians for TBS and KKPsi.  So we had to go.  He took my hand, and we walked.   Holding hands.  We were all kinds of sweet and crap.  After our meeting, some of the crew wanted to go to Steak-n-Shake.   We held hands on the way to the dorm so Eric could get his wallet.  I may have even called him Hon.   As soon as Eric stepped away, she turned to me, simply agog, "I didn't know you two were dating!  How long have you been going out?"  
I looked at my watch.  About 2 hours. <3 

So we went to Steak-n-Shake.  
It was the site of our first unofficial date.  

On our wedding night, we got to our hotel room late, and we realized we were starving.
You know what we did for food? 
That's right. Steak-n-Shake. 

Steak-n-Shake has become one of those places that holds much sentimental sway over us.  
We go there for Valentine's Day dinners, with kids or without.  We'd go on Dates. 
And on this snowy day, we went for lunch.  We even drove over to 38th Street to our Original Steak-n-Shake.   

I made him take a cheesy date photo with me.  
I think we're going to do this the entire year.  

I'm really starting to Love these Dates.  
This one REALLY reminded me of the days of old, helped me remember the Love that brought us together. 20 years can seem like a long time.  But with one meal, I'm brought back to the night he first asked me out, just like it was Yesterday.

My favorite beverage from Steak-n-Shake. 
The Chocolate covered strawberry milkshake.  

24/365 Begins with S...  A Strawberry shake from Steak-n-Shake.

I don't think they had this 23 1/2 years ago, but it's my favorite now.  I can't go wrong with strawberry stuffed drizzled in hot fudge.  I don't even want to know what's in it.  It's tasty.  And because it's pink, I usually don't have to share.  I did share with Eric though, because he's Sweet. 

One of our favorites from back in the day was the Patty Melt. 
If you've never had a Patty Melt from Steak-n-Shake, you're missing out.  
I'm also a fan of their chili, and when you dump it on the fries, it's pretty good, but Eric only introduced me to that technique recently.  Back in the day, we used to get cottage cheese. It was simple, they had cottage cheese, with a ring of pineapple.  I loved it, and begged for a bite of Eric's every time.  I ordered it often when I was pregnant with Sam.  But they don't serve it anymore. :( 
Still, it's ok that some things change.  
Some things stay the same.  

I still really like that guy.  So when and if he asks me out for a date, I'll say Yes, again and again. <3


Elizabeth said...

That's so sweet! Way to take advantage of little gifts of time!