Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 New Year's Resolutions

2018 Goals

A. First of all, I'm going to get thinner.  Over the holidays Eric and I were doing a Challenge for the Y, simply to not gain weight.  I think we're going to meet that.   I am currently 250 maybe less according to my scale once last night's bloat is gone. ;) Provided all the leftover cookies don't end up in my belly.  And I'm doing a Ningxia Red Challenge with Young Living.  Actually, all 5 of us are.  We need to drink this amazing red juice blend to stay healthy.


2. Fat Mum Slim put out there a Photo A Day Challenge.  So I'm going for it!  Day 1 is I Am Here.  

So Here I am. 
D.  2018 is a big year for Eric and I .  20 years of Marriage!   We're at a phase of life where a vacation away from the kids just can't happen.  We can't afford to run away for an Anniversary trip.  Every time we've tried to run away for an Anniversary trip, things happen.  For the 5th Anniversary, we went to Memphis for a weekend, right before Eric started a new job.  And I was pumped full of hormones for infertility and cried most of the time.  Not as much fun as one would hope.  For the 10th, Christopher ended up needing Feeding Tube surgery 2 weeks prior, so we were only able to get away for one night downtown, we were gone for 16  hours barely one meal.  We fed him dinner withe Eric's Mom, and grabbed him before lunch.  For the 15th, Eric's Grandfather died, and his viewing was our Anniversary, so we just had lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise, with the boys.  Jake was 6 weeks old, nothing was gonna happen anyway. Nowadays it's harder to find folks that want to borrow 3 sweetboys.  But I'm hoping that we can sneak away for a night, here and there, and stay close in case there is a problem.  So Eric and I decided to do 20 Dates for our 20th Anniversary.

Anyway, we came up with a Date List -
1. Symphony Orchestra
2. Makers Mark Distillery with Chihuly exhibit
3. Picnic in Brown County
4. Children's Museum at Night
5. Downtown Bike Bar
6. IKEA and Portillos for Hot Dogs
7. Stay/Brunch at J.W. Marriot
8. Brunch/Night at the Conrad
9. Kids Slumber Party at Grandma's and we Sleep In
10. Walk in the Holcomb Gardens
11. Date at Arni's Pizza
12. Steak and Shake Date
13. Ride the Elevator at the Hyatt
14.  Local Broadway Show, Les Miserables?
15. Stay a night at the Pink Embassy Suites
16. A Night at the Not Cantebury (now known as Le Meridien)
17. Carriage Ride on the Circle
18. Palomino Dinner
19. Sushi
20. Tour of the Indy Catacombs

Big Doin's for us this year.  How about you guys?!  Anyone out there still reading?