Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#1 out of 20

Date #1 One off the Checklist! 
We crossed off Sushi.  

Eric and I set a Challenge for ourselves for this year.  We're not going to Travel for our Anniversary.  Instead, we're going to go on 20 Dates during the course of the year.  
And one of those dates was Sushi.  

Happy Anniversary Year to Us!  

Eric is currently working in Carmel, and I am child free for lunchtime on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  So we decided to take advantage of the coverage in Child Care by the schools, and go for a date.  I know, it's utter madness.  A Date in the Middle of the Day!  Think of the Scandel! 

We checked out this restaurant called Miracle, on Old Meridian in Carmel. 
Apparently, at 11:30 on a Wednesday, we found a way to entirely avoid the crowds. 

We kicked up the crazy a notch to start.  
Along with our seaweed salad, we decided to try the Uni Shooters.
I Love This.

No, seriously, I loved this! 
The food was so prettily prepared.  
Uni is Sea Urchin, and honestly, it's hard to come by Quality Uni in Indiana. 
But this was Great.  
As Eric did his shot, he looked me, and said, "Hmm, Slimy, yet Satisfying." 
Lion King.  Our song is from that movie. We saw it probably a dozen times in the theatre while we were dating.  That was back in the days when a movie was still out in the theatres for a solid year.  Nowadays, they don't last as long, and the theatres charge an arm and a leg.  And it just so happens the Photo of the Day theme was I Love This.

Meanwhile, Eric and I tried something new, schemed schemes about our next couple dates, and ordered some really awesome sushi. 

We each tried a couple rolls, and some things that sounded good. 
I always love Mackerel nigiri, Eric loves Eel, Unagi. 
We loved the Flaming Dragon roll.  

This tray was my favorites.  
We chose the Miracle Roll, named for the place, that's the one up on the right, the Rainbow Roll.  Can't go wrong with that.  They put jalapeno in it, so it was Good, but a little hot for me.  
The last one, with what looks like siracha on top is a tuna, white tuna with fuji apple.  I swear it was dessert sushi.  It was Perfect ending. 

He and I could eat sushi every day, and never tire of it.  
But I'd weigh 300#. I'm kind of trying to go the opposite direction right now.  
So one sushi date is enough... for now. 

The year will continue to bring some other Awesome 20th Anniversary Dates for Eric and I.