Friday, January 5, 2018



This is the stack of papers that Christopher didn't do over break for his Kumon homework.  
I found out about it from my friend Kelley who runs the Kumon Center.  She wrote asking if Chris had told me that he lied about getting his stuff done this week. She wanted to know if I wanted him to redo the work, apparently, he'd skipped 1 week of the 2 weeks worth of work.  Ugh.  
So I swung by, and she handed me this giant stack.  
The theme of the day from my photo challenge was Stacked. 
This bunch of Math and Reading work sure is stacked.  
I can't decide who I'm more upset with, Chris? Because he lied.  Or myself, because I didn't babysit him and check that he did all his work.  He's flipping 12. Yeah, I guess this one is mostly on him.  
He got himself grounded for the weekend, at least.  And he's going to be my Beck and Call boy for a long time if we chose to let him out.  So much for earning privileges, and being ungrounded.  That lasted all of 5 days. :(  My heart is sad.  
As my friend said, it makes for a Rough Mama night.  Yes it has.