Monday, January 8, 2018

Pile of Yarn

 I got to be Starting Something.
It's that time of year, when I have to have yarn in my lap. 
I finished a big project, I knit a Hufflepuff Scarf for Emily, and have recently started a Green Slytherin one for Sam. But it doesn't build fast. 
And sometimes I need to mix it up with something that builds fast. 

The Photo of the Day is My Happy Place.  My Happy Place is on my couch with a lap full of yarn. Bonus points for being fireside (not in picture) .  Then it's Really my Happy Place.   And the fire was on in this case.  Shh... it's a surprise.  It's going to be a baby blanket for one of Eric's coworkers, just a simple design of double crochets in a row as long as my arm, using two skeins, and I'll be trimming it in pink.  But on this day, it's thicker than a tie, but not long enough to be a decent scarf.  It's getting there though.