Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy! 
 My Dad turns 69 today!  

To celebrate, we all met at his favorite restaurant, Santorini's downtown. 

We took over the joint, with all the kids and Lisa and her crew, and even my Step Grandmother Meb.  It's a great family place.

I think this is why the kids love it, Saganaki. 
Flaming cheese!
They light it up, and we all yell Opa! 
Jacob got a huge kick out of that this time, because Opa is German for Grandpa which is what we call my Dad.  So, we all yell Opa! Then, to be equal, we all yell Oma for my Stepmom.  For the rest to the evening, any time the staff lit up a Saganaki, my son would scream at the top of his lungs, "OPA! And OMA!"

That's the block of cheese once the fire goes out.  Spitzednwoth Lemonand served with a pile of pita. It brings us all great Joy.  

Happy Birthday to this guy!

We got my Dad the newest Kingsmen movie, Golden Circle, with Colin Firth. 
I also made him a roll-on with my Oils. 
He's been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 

I whipped up this Oily roll-on for him, specifically for his Feet.
It smells simply divine! 

This was one of the Best Presents. 
My brother in law James is a Talented Artist.  

Sam was playing with his salad and dinner forks, and put them together in this fashion.
Little did he know, that the Photo of the Day theme was Reflection. 
So Sam created it, I just took the photo. 
This was my meal.  Pastisio. 
It's like Amazing Greek Lasagna, made with layers of meat, noodles, and cheese.  
So Good.  
I did get a side of gyro meat, that I wasn't able to finish.  So Much Food.  
It was Amazing.  
Also, I post this today, because the Photo of the Day theme is Yum. 
Yeah, I think so.  
We ate well, and we had a great time.  
The belly dancer wasn't performing this trip, so after dinner, Jacob was running from our end of the table down to my Father's end attempting his own dance, just for Opa's Birthday. 
I couldn't decide which my father loved more, Jacob's incessent screaming OPA! every time the Saganaki got lit, or Jacob's special dance.  But for once, it all worked out: my kids behaved, they all ate well, and we all laughed.  The stars aligned and we had a great time.  

Happy Birthday Daddy!