Friday, January 5, 2018

Connor Prairie

I have a friend from College I recently hooked up with through Facebook.  She has a son a little younger than Jacob, Austin who acts a lot like Chris.  He's a bit high maintenance too.  He's needed a little help from First Steps, and just recently started Developmental Preschool.  He and Jacob got along swimmingly.  We decided to meet up at Connor Prairie. They had a plus 2 membership and they got us in, to play at their holiday indoor festivities, which were still going on strong. 

The boys got right in staring at their Gingerbread House displays.  
They both wanted desperately to eat all the candies. 

Apparently, me getting a picture of Austin looking at the camera is a super rare thing. 
He went for it, for a brief moment.  
Too bad Jacob didn't do so at the same time.  Goofball. 
They did have a lot of fun with the trains.  

My sweetboy playing House. 
Honestly, the set up and house looked just like a dollhouse version of Little House on the Prairie. 

He found he could be the tallest sweetboy on the playground pretty easily.  
Suddenly, he seems so old.  He's only 4 1/2! 

There was a surprising amount of Science goodies on display to play with, the boys loved building propellers and making the wind blow.  

When they left the playground, Austin said he wanted to go "Play Circus".  That sounded like a good time to me, it was how I talked Jacob into leaving that area willingly.  Though as it turned out, Austin meant Circuits, not Circus.  Doh.   They still had a good time.  
But I think Jacob was looking for the Ringling Brothers for the rest of our journey. 

Instead we found a Snowball Fight! 

A Civil War soldier was in charge of the Snowball fight game. 
They were supposed to get hit once, and go down like a good soldier.  
Our boys didn't. 

They were vicious attackers.  
It was Awesome.  
The Soldier went down like a superchamp though. 

They had a nifty display of local tree  nuts.  
I got to taste a Hickory nut. Now I know why the squirrels are so happy in our yard, they are Tasty! 
And it turns out Indiana hazelnuts are small and grown/harvested in clumps.  But European ones look like Chestnuts.  I wasn't tasting either one, as I'm now allergic.  

My Lunch Date. 

Laura and Austin didn't get to stick around for lunch, so I had a nice date in the cafeteria, which was not crowded at all, there was only one other family.  So I got a nice date with this Sweetboy.  

After he ate, he popped over to the window to look out. 
This photo turned out amazing! 

This was the view we saw from the cafeteria.  Somewhere out in that field is where the ISO -Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays in the summer.  That's the last time I was out here. 
I may have to come again when it's not snowy and freezing.  We had a good time.  

Plain - The plain plain is mainly... covered in snow.  
Plain was the theme of the day.  
And I loved this. 

This is the farm at 900 and 700 in the Burg.  It's a sea of snowy field, and with the sky so blue, it just spoke to me through its Beauty.  
Too bad it has to be so cold to be so Beautiful.