Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For



1. God - He constantly amazes me. When I'm fried, tired, and distraught, he consistently sends me signs, like in a song as I drive home late at night.

2. Internet Access, for both to inform our friends and family what's going on, but also to receive support and prayers. It's meant a lot!

3. Our new roomies at Riley got into a fight, the DAY before we moved into their room. I'm thankful that a social worker keeps them on separate visitation shifts, so we haven't had any Drama.

4. Cheesy Potato Day at Riley

5. The fam who brings me lunch. Mom brought me Jimmie John's Turkey Tom, Yum-O!

6. A good night's sleep, in my own bed.

7. Good friends who love to borrow my Sam, no charge, just for the privilege of loving him. I love that! Does my heart good, and assures me, that Sam is getting lots of loving.

8. Good friends who work in the hospital. Jaime was on shift in the Riley ER when we arrived, and she made our impromptu stay much more pleasant, rustling up movies like Toy Story and the Lion King! God Bless Disney Movies!

9. Pepsi. I hate pepsi. But Riley was giving it away freely in the ER and on our unit, I didn't want to leave the room to go buy a drink. And though I don't like it, the combination of sugar and caffeine got me through the last 48 hours.

10. My Yarn - Sewing keeps my hands busy, keeps my mind from wandering and worrying.

* - Eric technically took this picture of Chris in the hospital, because mine couldn't be pulled off my phone, so it'll have to wait until later to fix it.