Monday, November 1, 2010

Pianos for Granted


I got to witness something interesting today. A friend of mine came over to play, and her little 2 1/2 year old daughter. They don't have a piano, and she'd not ever played with one. We're pretty lax with our piano around here; we have 2 rules: 1. Only fingers, and 2. Clean hands. I don't care if they bang on it, tap with one finger or run their hands up and down the scales. In my opinion, any love of the piano is a love of music, and perhaps my boys will enjoy piano lessons a whole lot more than I did, and maybe they'll stick with it, and get skillz like their Daddy. In theory.
Anyway, when Sam curled up on the piano, Jilly didn't know what to do. She hid around the corner at first. Then kept looking, wanting to touch. She was so sweet. It was beautiful. Sam would play and she'd hide behind the bench.

Within minutes, she had gotten brave enough to sit next to Sam and get playing. It was beautiful. I clapped, I laughed, and I got teary. She was having a good time, and so was Sam. They didn't exactly make beautiful music together, but it was sweet.

It was an honor really to see her enjoy music like that. I take for granted how blessed we are with a husband who plays piano, heck even to have a piano in my living room, and a super nice one just waiting for a new room. Wow I'm blessed. My family always had a piano around, I was always allowed to play on it, and now I am further blessed to pass it on to my boys, who already show a love for music. Music was what brought their Daddy and I together...sort of, being in the bands. How really really blessed I am. And Thanks be to God for showing me, once again, that I have been blessed with so much, stuff and people who love me. Zowie. Sometimes it's good to get hit on the head with that, um, like a piano.