Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pondering One Year Ago


When I have days like this...

and all the kid does is scream, and climb in your lap and scream some more, my mind begins to wander. Today it's been wandering to where we were a year ago.

We were celebrating my children's blissful good health, in DISNEYWORLD.

In our first 24 hours there, we had a relaxing lunch with Fam, and super datenight atop the Contemporary, with sushi so good, it made Eric cry, and watched the Holiday fireworks show with the music piped in.

Cinderella's castle was decorated with icicle lights. Just beautiful.

Within our First hour in Magic Kingdom, all my visions came true.

Sam fell madly in love with Minnie Mouse. And I never cried so hard out of Joy.

Chris and I rode the Teacups...and he loved it.

And Chris and Emily got to spend some quality time with Mickey Mouse, with a guided house tour.

And Chris captured Cinderella's heart, she was so moved by his story, she danced with him, right then and there.

It's remembering times like that, and looking forward to the Next Big Thing that keep me sane when everything, and everyone around me is going crazy. Chris is coping, but it's been tough, and Sam is Sick. I'd love for my kids to both be healthy at the same time.

And it makes me wonder, if I'll be celebrating the same thing, my children's good health, in another year. I pray so, maybe God will even grant it in less than a year, I'd be ok with that.


Elizabeth said...

For some reason this post gave me goosebumps this morning! What wonderful memories! And, goodness, I hope it's not a year before everyone is healthy...