Friday, November 26, 2010

A Present for me


I have the sweetest husband EVER. I sent him to fetch the Christmas items for the house and he did. That was sweet enough, but as I came out of the shower, he had a diaper box. "I have a present for you."
He says, "It should have been a Christmas present, I've been working on it all year, and I had a plan, but since the house won't be done..."
Oh, for me? It's not even Christmas yet? He's all bummed about the house not going to be done by Christmas, so I decided rather than wait to see if we would be able to get into the new house, we should just decorate the old one, and we'll celebrate here. I didn't care where we celebrate it, as long as we're together. Eric was bummed.
But, I was moved to tears when I opened the box.

"You filled in the gaps!"

I know, this means nothing to you. So I'll clarify. Somehow over the years, we have gotten off count on our ornament collections. We started collecting the Old Master Towle Sterling Silver Snowflakes when we came back from California. We intended for our collection to start in 1998, the year we married, but we never got around to getting any of the earlier ones. And somehow, over the years, we've missed some. We were missing a few of the snowflakes. And Eric found and bought all the ones we were missing! As a bonus, my step-grandmother had picked up a couple of the White House Ornaments for us, but again, we were missing a bunch of them. And Eric filled in those gaps too!

Isn't that the Sweetest! Someday I dream of putting up a small tree with nothing but sterling silver snowflakes and blue lights. But the collection needs to be a bit bigger first. ;)

So now, we have Collections for the White House ornaments and the Towle Old Master Sterling Silver Snowflakes from 1998 to 2009.

And yeah, I cried. And I'm touched. And now, I can't wait for Eric to come back from working on the new house to put up our Tree so we can put up our new ornaments.


Seestor said...

FYI, between you and me, mom is still getting you this year's silver ornament. :)

Carrie said...

such a sweet hubby!!!!