Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last Garden Walk of the Season


Another gorgeous day! We've had a full week of 70 degree days, beautiful early fall days to enjoy the last pretty colors of fall. Today was the last, because rain came this afternoon, and it's going to get chilly after this. I'd like to say that we really went out and did it up, really enjoyed it. But the furthest we made it to play, was our frontyard, before tantrums sent us back in.

Aren't my boys sweet? Not cooperative for a photo session, but Sweet, nonetheless!

Funny thing though, I found Snapdragons blooming. Didn't even plant them this year, they just "popped up" leftover from last year, and boy these hearty little summer flower fellas were determined to bloom.

Snapdragons. Blooming on the 13th of November. Crazy. But it made me smile. When all the other flowers are calling it a day, these guys decide not to, but instead bloom on into mid-November. Reminded me of my little willful and determined sweetboys, kind of coming full circle. :)