Saturday, November 6, 2010

Superhero Day


Ever so often Chris asks me to wear his pajamas all day. OK, who am I kidding, he asks every day. On the rare occasion I like to let him. Today was one of those days. He has special sets of jammies he likes to wear, he will watch the laundry for when they are clean. Last night he wanted to wear his Superhero jammies, and he demanded Sam wear his He-Man jammies.
We didn't have much on the docket today, nothing actually, Eric was going to run the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon. We weren't planning on going downtown, but...
I got to thinking, if this run was important enough for Eric to run rather than work on the house, then I want to go cheer him on. And I took the boys downtown last year.

So, when Chris woke up this morning, he asked if he could wear his Superhero Jammies, I said Yes. He asked, Where's Daddy? I told him, he'd already left to go RunRun, and would he like to go see if we can find him? He asked if he could keep his jammies on? OK, what the heck. I'm just joining another group of crazies downtown, who cares if the boys are in their jammies. That and it was already 8, race started at 8, and I needed to stake out a place. We drove downtown to Fall Creek and parked the stroller on a hill. I covered the boys in jackets and gave them blankets, but that didn't stop them from being cold. It was COLD, like 40 degrees high maybe. Cold.
And mostly Sam just cried, and Chris tried to get little in the stroller once I moved Sam to the car. Didn't work. But we made a lot of the runner smile (isn't that what it's all about), they could see Chris's red boots, and blanket covered head, and hear him crying, "DADDY". He was kind of cute. We never did see Daddy though.

Then he demanded Hot Cocoa. I couldn't blame him, so we went home. Chris took a picture of me cheering the runners. I was driving us home, rather trying to drive, but traffic was hard to maneuvre around all the course track runners, so I was slowly driving while yelling with my window down. It was funny.

The boys didn't appreciate it. They wanted Hot Cocoa. Just an FYI, the Starbucks on Meridian and 38th isn't there anymore. There was much sadness in our car. It got better when our superheroes came home and had some hot cocoa. Then we watched a little television, lunch with Daddy when he returned from the race, naps and more.

Chris filled another potty chart, so we took him to a movie, Megamind. Not to bad, not worth nighttime prices, but very cute, Chris really liked it. He especially liked it that we let him wear his Superhero Jammies to the movie about superheroes.