Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sit Down and Share the Joy


My sister and I frequently used to quote a family ties episode, where the mom takes the kids out to a cabin with lofty goals of happy bonding but much fighting ensues, finally she loses it entirely and screams, "Sit Down and Share the Joy!"

I've had a day like that.

It started all lovely, Eric had put up the tree, and the kids woke in awe to seeing it all lit up in the living room. I wanted to put the ornaments on it all together. We got the festive music going, made breakfast... but Chris didn't want to eat. Then he didn't want to help, and Sam was more interested in pulling things off the tree than putting them on. Etc...

The calls around our house, instead of lyrics of Christmas Carols were, "No Sam. NO SAM. NOSAM!!" while Sam chased all the fragile ornaments around calling "Ball!"

Oh well, it got done, it's beautiful, and hopefully Chris and Sam will find a happy medium with which ornaments can be removed, or put on, or even not bothered at all.

They've not been feeling the love, or sharing the Joy. Chris is still working on his recovery, and Sam woke from naps with a fever. Hopefully everyone will feel better soon, and be able to Sit Down and Share the Joy. I'd be happier, if maybe they'll Smile tomorrow.


Mike Justice said...

I found this page by googling around for a clip of Elyse Keaton screaming, "Sit down and share the joy!" Thank you so much for this blog post. I was beginning to think I imagined it! Whew.

Cathy Willman said...

Yes! You are not imagining it. A couple years ago, my sister and I found the episode on a rerun, it's the Lost Weekend episode, Episode 7 in Season 3.