Saturday, November 20, 2010

God Bless Versed


Yesterday after Chris's procedures: the MRI and bladder Urodynamics, his bladder was all filled up and had no where to go. He couldn't/wouldn't pee it out. We decided to do a surgery to put a temporary tube in his bladder until the rest of him stops spasming and heals up a bit. I wouldn't say it was an Emergency surgery, but within an hour of making the decision, Chris was on the table. So it went fast. They had us go up to Day Surgery, a chain of little rooms, where they prep/and take vitals and stuff where we go when they do surgeries. This was the first time we'd been up there in the evening, it was late in the day, really Night time in Day Surgery. And we gave him a dose of Versed to relax him so they could put an IV in first, and give him anesthesia that way to lighten the load. He'd been screaming for 2 hours, and within 10 minutes of getting that Versed, he relaxed enough to pee, he screamed a bit, and pushed Real Hard, and said, "I peed. Can I go home?"

No Baby, we were going to fix you all up. Then he proceeded to act like a drunken sailor, which made us all laugh. Yeah, he is not allowed to operate heavy machinery, walk, or even read a book on that stuff, but boy was he funny. A light moment in a heavy day.