Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 4 post op or blogging more

I guess I can do more blogging time, since that's about all I feel like doing.  The weather this evening has been a hot mess.  But that gives me an opportunity to brag a bit about my amazing boys.

This is how I spent most of my day.  
My cohort in crime.  
He was threatening to tickle me.  Again.  
When Christopher came home from school, he asked me what Jacob and I did.  I quote, "We watched cartoons, then Grandma took him to Kindermusik while I napped, then he came home and we had lunch and watched more cartoons, then we napped together, then we watched more cartoons."  TV, it's the sick Mama's lifesaver.  Jacob loves Clifford, Octonauts, and a new show called Animal Mechanicals that he loves, that he found on Netflix.  I'm not a fan, so we watched more Octonauts and Clifford.  Lots of Octonauts.  I think Peso's my favorite.  It's a sad day when you can pick a favorite Octonaut and you and the toddler exchange rocking Kwazii impressions.  (By the way, the toddler wins, every time.) 

Then this evening, another one of our friends brought supper for us, making life a smidge easier.   Bless her! 
As Eric and I sat nibbling our dessert, the boys went to play downstairs, and we heard a funny noise.  Could it be, the tornado alarm?  In August?  As it turns out, Yes, Yes it was.  
We watched the news, and as it turned out a lovely wall cloud with a hook was headed our way, a funnel had been spotted in Danville.  So I watched the sky.  One minute the wind was whipping and it was raining, the next it stopped.  OK, stoppage is scary, and then the power blipped.  So we all went downstairs to wait it out.  By that time though the kids were freaking out.   Chris was very concerned we were all going to die because there's a window in the basement.  Even Jacob was freaking out, yelling "Mommy!  A towado is coming a get us!"  Not really boo. But since I felt we all needed to go downstairs, I grabbed the dog and sugar.  The dog was disinclined to come down, so she hung out on the stairs.  

I told the boys this was a Practice.  We were having our own Tornado Drill.  We go in the basement, and we eat lollipops.  I figured by the time our lollipops were done, the scare would be over.  It was.  
And we were fine.  Daddy has built us a good strong house.  It missed our neighborhood, knocked down some trees across town, but Blessedly, all I know were ok.   Even the trees downed were kind enough to take out any people or houses on their way.   I say we were like the Three Little Pigs in the Brick House.  It's going to take a pretty big bad wolf tornado to blow our house down.  We're pretty Blessed in that department too.  Eric really did build us a Great House.  I felt totally safe and comfortable in that basement.  

My only mistake was sugaring the kids up with lollipops at 7 at night.  They were wound!  
We were entertained for the next hour with episodes from Star Wars: The Crazy Wars.    
Honestly, that wasn't so bad either.  They're pretty funny.  Eric missed most of the ones I was entertained by last summer.   So he got a big dose last night.  Here's one to share with you all.