Monday, August 22, 2016

Stripping down

I removed my own steristrips today.  They were starting to peel last week, so while Grandma took Jake to Kindermusik (that's way more lifting and bouncing than I'm allowed to do) I opted to shower.  Before I did so, though, I noticed that my strips were starting to peel off.  One fell off in my hand.  And they'd been driving me nuts with the itching, so I just pulled them off.

Are you a Peeler?   In my family, when we'd get sunburned, we'd sit and peel the peels off each other.  It sounds kind of weird.  But when your back  is all itchy and the skin is peeling, it's so comforting to have someone who loves you like a sister who will sit and pull the big flakes off of you.  Anyway, we're pickers and peelers.  And frankly, it's been really difficult for me to be a compliant patient.  I haven't taken any hot baths.  I'm sleeping on my back.  It's taking me a lot of drugs to do so... but at least I'm only taking them at night.   And I haven't even been using my Oils on the open wounds, just everywhere else.

See?!  Compliance.

Meanwhile, here's what I've been doing.  

Not much. 

This past weekend, my mother in law took the boys Friday night into Saturday night.  Eric was gone overnight to Serve on Team for the Via de Cristo.   Good for him!   But the timing was a little iffy.   I was thankful Mom took the boys for a slumber party.  Friday night was Quiet.  But not any more unusual than any other evening.  Eric usually takes the boys upstairs... and I don't see them.  The goodbyes were just earlier.  

I got caught up on my temperature blanket.  Yippee.  I know how to get crazy.   

A quiet cup of coffee just for me. 

The weirdest thing was Saturday morning.  I slept until 9:30!  
And I'd gone to bed about 11.  That's like almost 11 hours of sleep for me.  Drugged.  So pretty uninterrupted.  And no one hopped into bed.  I can't remember the last time I slept until I naturally woke up in my own home, alone.  It was weird.  But nice.  I see why Eric does productive things when I take the boys out of town.  The mornings in a big quiet house are disconcerting.   There was no one around to bug me while I had my coffee.  It was nice and weird all at the same time.   I didn't make a proper breakfast, Eric usually makes it for me.  But he had apparently programmed the coffee maker before leaving yesterday, because the pot was still warm when I got home.  How sweet! 

But it didn't stay that way for long.  The boys got home just in time for naptime.  I was grateful that Chris did his flush, Sam hung out quietly in the basement.  And Jake napped with me.  Grandma and Aunt Teri had Worn Him Out!    

Then Eric came home with just enough time to spare to grab Sam and head to my Dad's house.  
They had been gifted with the opportunity to go to a Colts Game with my Dad and Stepmom.   It was Sam's first Game.  He did Wonderfully, and had a great time!
Jake, Chris, and I stayed home, drove thru McDonald's for Cheeseburgers, and then ate in front of watching The Last Unicorn.   "Shmendrick is With You!"

My big accomplishment for today... I drove with Jacob. 
I wanted an Arby's Brown Sugar Bacon BLT.  So I drove and got one.  
That was an accomplishment.  And that was enough.  

Still quietly recovering.... slowly, but surely.