Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 2 Post op aka Tiny T-rex arms

All my painkillers wore off this morning.   So, THIS is what it feels like.  Ouch.  I mean, I'm glad I slept through the night and all, sleeping on my back is hard.  But oy.
I took another hydrocodone, which promptly made me nauseous.  And the neurotin adds to the swirliness, and makes my mind kind of flaky.  But I think that's the one that helps me most.  I notice most when that one is about to wear off.

So today, I got the full experience of what the next few weeks is going to feel like, where I can only use my hands and wrists.  Whatever they gave me in hospital is now gone.  So I now just have me.  Bending my elbows is about as much as my arms can handle.  They get very angry if I try to use my shoulders.  Last night, I made the mistake of turning on the lamp on my nightstand.  That was unwise!

When I wash my hands I have to turn gently wash one arm at a time because reaching both was too much.

Then also ty I took a shower. That was big step on progress today.  It felt good to use soap in my hair.  Like Really Good.  I had to be careful not to soak my stitching too much.  Eric kept popping in, and saying, Don't Take Too Long!   I didn't.

I put fresh pajamas on.  I have a pair of Spongebob jammies my mother in law gave me years ago, when she lost weight.   They say Squeeze Me Please, which isn't really funny at this time.  I actually dislike Spongebob immensely, but these jammies are so soft.  So I wear them anyway.  They hang Completely Differently now.  And I like it.  

Check it out, I have cleavage. 
I have cleavage that I didn't have to squish anything together to create.  
They are all up there and perky.  I think they might've been like that in like 8th grade, before they really busted out.  It's kind of cool.  

Christopher went to Black Belt board today. Now that he is a Black Belt, he is allowed to be on the Review Board for anyone taking the Black Belt Test.  He went and observed for almost 4 hours. He is so big. He's been very gentle with me, and a source of calm.  I love this smile.  After his day, he asked to watch Eragon the movie, for Family Movie Night.  We hadn't done anything like that since the Olympics started.  But I figured he earned it. 

Now while we were watching our movie, my phone buzzed. My friend E was literally on my doorstep. And she brought me chocolate. I had been craving chocolate. And she brought chocolate.  And all was good.  Because there was chocolate.